Holli Fawcett Clayton has written a sweet tale of love, loss, and finding love again in unexpected places. This ultimately hopeful page-turner will resonate with anyone who has ever suffered abuse, the death of a spouse, or good love turned bad.
– TABITHA FORNEY, author of Paper Airplanes

Somewhere Above It All by Holli Fawcett Clayton follows the story of a tenacious woman struggling to get over the grief of losing her husband. After a devastating opioid addiction claims the life of Brody Halleck, a rising baseball star, his wife Marren’s life turns upside down. Laden with grief and haunted by memories of her marriage, she travels to Tanzania to undertake a daring journey, scaling Mount Kilimanjaro. With a local man named Simon as their guide, Marren and her fellow travelers find themselves enthralled by the scenic beauty of their surroundings. Marren also forms a burgeoning relationship with a fellow hiker named Chris Courtland, a Texan attorney with a secret of his own. Can Marren allow herself to let go of her past and move on?

Author Holli Fawcett Clayton tells an absorbing tale of a woman suffering from anxiety and depression due to her husband’s opioid addiction that costs them their marriage and his life and rediscovering herself at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Marren’s story tugs at your heartstrings, and you find yourself rooting for her all the way through. Her struggles to let go of her past and commit herself to another person make for a captivating character arc. Clayton captures the traits and behavior of an addict brilliantly, portraying it in a raw and unflinching manner that adds authenticity to the narrative. The reveals toward the final third of the book keep you glued to the pages. If you’re a fan of well-written romance dramas, you’ll love Somewhere Above It All.