The Golden-Hearted Boost: My “Phrase” for 2023

It’s a new year. A time to think about what we’d like to do differently in the future. A time when many of us will make resolutions—goals to improve ourselves and our lives and to truly make an impact in this world. But this year, I’m seeing a lot of posts about choosing a meaningful “word” or “phrase” for 2023 instead of making a traditional New Year’s resolution. So here goes. My phrase for 2023 is “golden-hearted boost.” 

What do I mean by that?

It’s pretty simple. A golden-hearted boost is something that I have received from those who have dug deep into the bottom of their golden hearts and offered me unconditional support in my life’s endeavors, believing in me and my writing and my recent decision to pursue a midlife graduate degree in social work. These friends have shined their golden heartlights into my world in so many unexpected ways. They have elevated my confidence with their actions and boosted my self-esteem to new heights with their actions. They have shown me the power of a golden-hearted boost. 

In this, my first blog post of the new year, I want to recognize and thank five particular women who have given me this invaluable gift.

First, my friend Elizabeth, who has not only been a wonderful writing critique partner, but a willing participant in my publishing journey, reading every crappy draft and suggesting better storylines and carving time out of her extraordinarily busy home and work schedule to interview me for author chats and participate in book-related events. 

Second, my dear friend and neighbor Brenda, who never fails to tell me how proud she is of my midlife journey. She even planned a special girls’ lunch to celebrate two very important events in my life: getting my book published and going back to school to earn my master’s degree in social work. She’s a gem. 

I want to also recognize my friend Lisa and my dear family member Jeannie, both of whom recommended my work to their book clubs and provided me with some of the greatest experiences I’ve had thus far as an author. I was personally picked up from the airport, treated to special homemade dishes fresh from the oven, introduced to some of the nicest and funniest ladies I’ve ever met, and made to feel extra special. 

Finally, my friend Andrea. Since we met years ago while we were living in Singapore, she has been a constant source of encouragement to me. She has listened to me talk for years about writing a book and counseled me through tears and frustration and pushed me forward with her special ability to show up with a smile and gift for every occasion. 

These five women are golden-hearted queens. They recognized my goals, told their friends about me, shared my work publicly, wrote reviews online, and made sure that I felt seen and heard. They lifted me into the world of visibility, something that is so sacred to our belief in our own gifts and purpose. So I challenge you, friends, to do the same—who do you know that needs a golden-hearted boost? A sliver of unconditional support that might just breathe new life into their world? I implore you to find five people who might need some help and jump into their lives in a good way. Raise the curtain and let the world see how brightly they can shine. Because everyone has gifts. Imagine if everyone had someone to help them learn how to use them.  

In 2023, I will be the giver of the golden-hearted boost. I will strive to be a golden-hearted queen, too.